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Southern Europe and Mediterranean
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2017

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Anderson, Emily R., “The Bespoke Book: Experimental Printing in Early Modern Italy” (University of Southern California, D. Bleichmar)

Bell, Margaret, “Healing Walls: Visualizing Bodily, Social, and Spiritual Care in the Pelligrinaio Frescoes of the Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala in Siena” (University of California, Santa Barbara, R. Williams)

Ben, Rebecca, “The Arrival of the Leonardeschi in Valencia” (Princeton, T. da Costa Kaufmann)

Berkowitz, Sara, “Ambiguous Bodies: Gender Non-Conformity and Bodily Transformation in Early Modern Italian Art” (University of Maryland at College Park, A. Colantuono)

Boyd, Rachel, “Experimentation and Specialization: The Glazed Terracotta Sculpture of the Della Robbia Workshop, ca. 1430-1550” (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Candelaria, José, “Transculturation and the Cathedral: Late Gothic in Late Medieval Seville (1401-1516)” (Rice University, L. Neagley)

D’Addio, Sophia, “Painted Organ Shutters in Renaissance Italy” (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Depasquale, Thomas “Leonardo and the Commentators: Seeing Things Hidden in the Earliest Essays on the Work of Art, Italy, circa 1560-1590” (University of California, Santa Barbara, R. Williams)

Dewan, Rachel, “The Scale of the Spiritual: Miniatures and Models in Cretan Bronze Age Material Culture” (University of Toronto, C. Knappett)

Doğan, Cağatay, “Landscapes of the Nation in Transition: Istanbul in the Photographs of Othmar Pferschy, 1934-1960” (Binghamton University, T. McDonough)

Dorofeeva, Maria. “Fantasizing Manhood: Art and Sexual Politics in Spain, 1898-1939.” (UIUC, O. Vazquez)

Duntemann, Elizabeth, “Curing the Incurabili: Healing Rhetoric, Holy Wood, and Venereal Infection in Sixteenth-Century Italian Visual Culture” (Temple University, T. Cooper)

Evitts, Diane, “Private Female Portraits: Patronage and Identity on the Greek Islands in the Roman Imperial Period” (Temple University, J. Evans)

Galan, Ignacio, “Circulating Interiors: The Logics of Arredamento and the Furnishing of National Imaginaries in Italy 1922-1945” (Princeton University, L. Allais and B. Colomina)

Gheorghiade, Paula, “A Network Approach to Cultural Interaction and Maritime Exchange on Crete during the Late Minoan II – III B Period” (University of Toronto, C. Knappett)

Griebeler, Andrew, ”The Byzantine Illustrated Herbal and the Transmission of Botanical Knowledge from Antiquity to the Modern Era” (University of California, Berkeley, D. Angelova)

Harpster, Grace, “Carlo Borromeo's Itineraries: The Sacred Image in Post-Tridentine Italy” (UC Berkeley, T. Olson)

Hupe, Eric, “The Franciscan Theology of Light and Venetian Painting of the Late Fifteenth Century” (University of Virginia, F. Fiorani)

Kaplan, Lauren, “Crossing the Atlantic: Italians in Argentina, 1880-1930” (Graduate Center, CUNY, E. Braun)

Karras, Olga Zaferatos “Constructing Greek Genre Painting, Visualizing National Identity, 1850-1900” (Graduate Center, CUNY, A. Pelizzari)

Kobasa, Clare, “Sacred Impressions: Printmaking in seventeenth-century Sicily” (Columbia University, M. Cole)

Konova, Joana, “Living with Antiquity: Reuse of Ancient Sculpture in 16th-century Rome” (University of Chicago, R. Zorach)

McCusker, Katherine, “Reanimating Etruscan Cities: Visualizing Vulci’s Landscape and Urban Context”, (Duke University, M. Forte)

Paganussi, Caroline, “Bologna la dotta: The University and the Visual Arts in the Age of the Bentivoglio, 1463-1512” (University of Maryland, College Park, M. Gill)

Palermo, Melisa, “Cor ad cor loquitur: Burning Hearts and the Iconography of Divine Charity” (Rice University, J. Manca)

Palowski, Mark J., “Housing and the Village Landscape in the Byzantine Mani” (UCLA, S. Gerstel)

Pelletier, Chloé, “Environment & the Italian Renaissance Background: studies in Adriatic painting, c. 1480” (University of Chicago, N. Atkinson & R. Zorach)

Petersen, Elizabeth, “Architecture and Audience in Donatello’s Florentine Reliefs” (Penn State, R. Thomas)

Scheiber, Lindsey, “Identity in an Italian Renaissance Court: Art and Architecture of the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino” (Temple University, M. Hall)

Segrave, Hannah, “Conjuring Genius: Salvator Rosa and the Dark Arts of Witchcraft” (University of Delaware, D. Stone)

Soley, Teresa, “Tomb Sculpture in Portugal, c.1460-1570” (Columbia University, M. Cole, D. Freedberg)

Spratt, Emily, “Byzantium not Forgotten: Constructing the Artistic and Cultural Legacy of an Empire between East and West in the Early Modern Period” (Princeton, P. Brown)

Steingart, Elana, “Seal Cognition in Bronze Age Crete: Thinking Through the Imprint” (University of Toronto, C. Knappett)

Tolstoy, Irina, “Camillo Trevisan's Palace and Villa Culture on the Island of Murano” (Columbia University, D. Rosand, M. Cole)

Turker, Alev, “From Constantinople to Kostantiniyye: The Transformation of the Byzantine Capital to an Ottoman Metropolis” (University of Georgia, A. E. Kirin)

Wagner, Nicole, “Women Working the Table: The Material Culture, Gendered Spaces, and Visual Representations of Female Card-Players in Early Modern Italy” (Binghamton University, K. Barzman)

Wallace, Catharine, “Cultivating the Imago: Egyptian All'antica Imagery as Emblems of the City and Roman Hegemony in the Cinquecento” (Temple University, M. Hall)

Witty, John, “The Santa Chiara Polyptych and the Architecture of Devotion in Fourteenth-Century Venice” (Emory University, C. J. Campbell)

Wood, Emily, “Art, Politics, and Diplomacy at the Courts of Philip II in Madrid and the Medici in Florence” (Northwestern University, J. Escobar)