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Sixth to Tenth Century
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2017

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Achi, Andrea, “Coptic Manuscripts at the Morgan Library” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, T. Thomas)

Breidenthal, Magdalene, “Leaving 'Heaven on Earth': The Visual Codes of Middle Byzantine Church Exits” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Brey, Alex, “The Caliph's Prey: Hunting in the Visual Cultures of the Umayyad Empire” (Bryn Mawr College, A. Walker)

Caruso, Stephanie, “Darting Glances: Late Antique Visuality, Decoration, and Material Spatiality” (Institute of Fine Arts/NYU, T. Thomas)

Freeman, Evan, “Ritual Object, Ritual Space: Art, Agency, and Performance in Middle Byzantine Liturgy” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Hutchison, Caitlin, “The High Cross of Ireland: Landmark of Patronage, Power, and Protection” (University of Delaware, L. Nees)

King, Katherine, “Deliberate Defacement: Provocation and Response in Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts” (Princeton, C. Barber)

Kopta, Joseph R., “Chromatic Networks: Materiality of Middle Byzantine Gospel Lectionaries (ca. 850–1204 CE)” (Temple University, E. Bolman)

McMichael, Alice Lynn, “Rising Above the Faithful: Monumental Ceiling Crosses in Byzantine Cappadocia” (Graduate Center, CUNY, J. Ball)

Muehlbauer, Mikael, “’Bastions of the Cross,’: Medieval Rock-cut Cruciform Churches of Tigray, Ethiopia” (Columbia University, S. Murray)

Nevins, Teresa, “Viewing Revelation: Text and Image in Ninth-Century Apocalypse Manuscripts” (University of Delaware, L. Nees)

Steinborn, Carly Jane, “Transforming Sacred Space: Image and Materiality in the Orthodox Baptistery of Ravenna” (Rutgers University, E. Thunø)

Thimann, Heidi, “Sensory Selves: Images of Medieval Women Reading” (Graduate Theological Union, R. Schroeder)

Webb, Lora, “Kosmos Embodied: Eunuchs and Byzantine Art in the Ninth through Twelfth Centuries” (Stanford University, B. Pentcheva)