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Japanese/Korean Art
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2011

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Adriasola Muñzo, Ignacio, “Melancholy Sites: The Affective Politics of Marginality in Post-Anpo Japan, 1960–1970” (Duke, G. Weisenfeld)

Cho, Hyunjung, “Competing Futures: War Narratives in Postwar Japanese Architecture, 1945–1970” (USC, J. Reynolds)

Kai, Yoshiaki, “Sunappu: A Genre of Japanese Photography, 1930–1980” (CUNY, G. Batchen)

Kameda-Madar, Kazuko, “Pictures of Social Networks: Transforming Visual Representations of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering in the Tokugawa Period (1615–1868)” (University of British Columbia, J. Mostow, H. Tsao)

Kuan, Seng, “Tange Kenzō’s Architecture in Three Keys: As Building, as Art, and as the City” (Harvard, K. M. Hays)

Lee, Jungsil, “Reconsidering the Body in Korean Modern Art: Ku Ponung’s Body, World, and Art” (UCLA, B. Jungmann)

O’Neal, Halle, “Written Stūpa, Painted Sūtra: Relationships of Text and Image in the Construction of Meaning in the Japanese Jeweled-Stūpa Mandalas” (Kansas, S. Fowler)

Wu, Xiaojin, “Metamorphosis of Form and Meaning: Ink Bird-and-Flower Screens in Muromachi Japan” (Princeton, Y. Shimizu)