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Architectural History/Historic Preservation
Dissertations Completed by Subject, 2011

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Akšamija, Azra, “Our Mosques Are Us: Rewriting National History of Bosnia-Herzegovina through Religious Architecture” (MIT, N. Rabbat)

Allen-Kim, Erica, “Chinatowns and Little Saigons: Ethnicity, Memory, and Change in the American Landscape” (Harvard, N. Levine)

Ambler, Jessica, “‘How Fortunate Are Those Whose Walls Already Rise!’: The Roman Rebuilding of Carthage in Physical City and Constructed Memory” (UC Santa Barbara, F. Yegul)

Barry, Fabio, “Painting in Stone: The Symbolic Identity of Coloured Marbles from Antiquity until the Age of Enlightenment” (Columbia, J. Connors)

Carr, Geoffrey, “Building Assimilation: Architecture, Memory, and British Columbia’s Indian Residential School System” (University of British Columbia, R. Windsor-Liscombe)

Ciejka, Jason, “The Cavaliere Carlo Rainaldi (1611–1691): Architecture and Identity in Seventeenth-Century Rome” (Emory, S. McPhee)

Clericuzio, Peter, “Nancy as a Center of Art Nouveau Architecture, 1895–1914” (Pennsylvania, D. Brownlee)

Craig, Michelle Huntingford, “[In]Secure Space: The Mellah of Fez, Morocco, 1834–1956” (UCLA, S. Nelson)

Dean, Kristin, “Reshaping the Neoliberal City: The Politics of Cooperation and the Movimiento de Ocupantes e Inquilinos in Buenos Aires, Argentina” (Penn State, C. Zabel)

Flaherty, George, “Mediating the Third Culture at Tlatelolco, Mexico ’68” (UC Santa Barbara, S. Chattopadhyay)

Kuan, Seng, “Tange Kenzō’s Architecture in Three Keys: As Building, as Art, and as the City” (Harvard, K. M. Hays)

Narath, Albert, “The Baroque Effect: Architecture, Art History, and Politics in Austria and Germany” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll)

Newman, Winfred Elysse, “Imaginative Beholding: Physiological Psychology and the Discourse on Representation in Fin-de-Siècle Germany” (Harvard, A. Picon)

Rankin, William Joseph, “After the Map: Cartography, Navigation, and the Transformation of Territory in the Twentieth Century” (Harvard, P. Galison, A. Picon)

Renner, Andrea, “Housing Diplomacy: The Rise and Fall of US International Housing in Latin America, 1949–1973” (Columbia, H. Ballon)

Reut, Jennifer Cathryn, “‘3000 Years in 15 Minutes’: American Tourists and Historic Monuments in Post-War Europe” (Virginia, S. Crane)

Vallye, Anna, “Design and the Politics of Knowledge in America, 1937–1967: Walter Gropius and Gyorgy Kepea” (Columbia, B. Bergdoll, R. Martin)

Woodworth, Matthew, “The Architectural History of Beverley Minster, 721–c. 1370” (Duke, C. Bruzelius)