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Early Christian/Byzantine Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2007

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Anderson, Benjamin, "World Image after World Empire: Depictions of the Cosmos in the Early Medieval Successor States" (Bryn Mawr, D. Kinney)

Anguelova, Vessela, "Place and Spiritual Experience in Middle and Late Byzantine Art, Ninth to Eighteenth Centuries" (Penn State, A. Cutler)

Badamo, Heather, "Among Byzantines and Muslims: Medieval Coptic Representations of Military Saints, ca. 650–1300 CE" (Michigan, T. Thomas)

Bogdanovic, Jelena, "TO ΚΙΒΩΡΙΟΝ: The Framing of Sacred Space in the Byzantine Tradition" (Princeton, S. Ćurčić)

Clark, Travis, "Imaging the Cosmos: The Christian Topography by Cosmas Indicopleustes" (Temple, E. Bolman)

Dalgic, Orgu, "Late Antique Floor Mosaics of Constantinople before the Great Palace" (IFA/NYU, T. Mathews)

Drpic, Ivan, "Kosmos of Verse: Art and Epigram in Late Byzantium" (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Fox, Allison, "The Early Christian Sarcophagi of Ravenna" (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Fulghum Heintz, Mary, "The Transitive Form: Textiles as Transmitters of Power in the Middle Ages" (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Gannaway, Ethan, "The 'Cubiculum Leonis' in the Catacomb of Commodilla at Rome" (Missouri, M. Rautman)

Gittings, Elizabeth, "The Ideology and Aesthetics of Architecture in the Early Christian Mosaics of the Rotunda in Thessaloniki" (Harvard, I. Kalavrezou)

Greenwood, Jill Vessely, "The Romanesque Duomo in Sovana, Italy: Context, Iconography, and Style" (Kansas, M. Stokstad)

Jones, Ashley, "'Lord, Protect the Wearer': Late Antique Numismatic Jewelry and the Image of the Emperor as Talismanic Device" (Yale, D. Kleiner)

Karababa, Idil, "Tetrarchic Capital Cities" (Bryn Mawr, D. Kinney, R. Scott)

Katz, Melissa, "Interior Motives: The Triptych Virgin in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia" (Brown, S. Bonde)

Klima, Alice, "A Study of Roudnice Abbey" (Brown, S. Bonde)

Magruder, James, "Byzantine Figural Sculpture, 843–1453" (Johns Hopkins, H. Maguire)

Marsengill, Katherine, "Portrait and Icon: Between Reality and Holiness in Byzantium" (Princeton, S. Ćurčić)

Methric, Timothy, "Art, Identity, and Coinage in 5th- and 6th-Century Thessaloniki" (Indiana, Bloomington, W. E. Kleinbauer)

Mihaljevic, Marina, "Constantinopolitan Architecture of the Comnenian Era (1081–1180) and Its Impact on the Balkans" (Princeton, S. Ćurčić)

Milanovic, Ljubomir, "Visual Representations of the Translatio of Relics in the Middle Ages: The Case of St. Stephen" (Rutgers, A. St. Clair Harvey)

Mundis, Martha, "Christine de Pizan's 'Livre d'Epitre d'othea a Hector' at the Intersection of Image and Text" (Kansas, M. Stokstad)

O'Brien, Maureen, "Art and Text in the Vienna Genesis" (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk, J. Folda)

Payne, Stephanie, "Forming Friendship and Fraternity in Byzantine Monasticism: Illustrating The Romance of Barlaam and Joasaph from the Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries" (UT Austin, G. Peers)

Ratliff, Brandie, "Image and Relic at Byzantine Pilgrimage Sites" (Columbia, S. Murray, H. Klein)

Schilb, Henry D., "Byzantine Identity and Its Patrons: Embroidered Epitaphioi and Aeres of the Palaiologan and Post-Byzantine Periods" (Indiana, W. E. Kleinbauer)

Smine, Rima, "Two Syriac Lectionaires from Northern Iraq, Vat. Syr. 559 and British Library Syr. Add. 7170" (IFA/NYU, T. Mathews)

Sponsler, Jessica, "Contextualizing the Iconography of the Christological Cycle in the Gerona Beatus" (UNC Chapel Hill, D. Verkerk)

Stancioiu, Cristina, "Everyday Life and Cultural Exchange: The Evidence of Material Culture from Rhodes, Cyprus, and Crete from the Thirteenth through the Sixteenth Century" (UCLA, S. Gerstel)

Stankovic, Nebojsa, "Framing the Monastic Ritual: Architecture and Liturgy of the Byzantine Church Narthexes on Mount Athos (10th–15th Centuries)" (Princeton, S. Ćurčić)

Stewart, Charles A., "Domes of Heaven: The Domed Basilicas of Cyprus" (Indiana, Bloomington, W. E. Kleinbauer)

Varinlioglu, Gunder, "Rural Landscape and Built Environment at the End of Antiquity: Limestone Villages of Southeastern Isauria" (Pennsylvania, C. Striker)