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Chinese Art
Dissertations in Progress by Subject, 2007

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Auyeung, Poyin, "Critical Spatial Responses to Urban Redevelopment in Beijing and Shanghai: Art in Public Spaces, 1978–1998" (CUNY, R. Bletter)

Beningson, Susan, "Shaping Sacred Space: Early Buddhist Caves and Their Interaction with Ritual Architecture and Artistic Programs of Tombs in Fifth-Century China" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Bieberly, Rebecca, "'True' Images: Seeing/Reading at the Lingyan Temple in Eleventh-Century China" (Michigan, M. Powers)

Bradford, Rosalind, "The Guyuan Sarcophagus: Motifs and Explication" (Pennsylvania, N. Steinhardt)

Brash, Carol, "Representations of Gardens under the Ming" (Minnesota, R. Poor)

Chen, Li-Wei, "Writing and Rulership in Eighth-Century China: Emperor Xuanzong (r. 712–756) and the Politics of Calligraphic Style" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Chen, Yanli, "The Experienced Modern and the Transfigured Style: Modern Beauty in Popular Prints, Photography, and Cinema, 1880s–1930s" (Pittsburgh, G. Minglu)

Choe, Kyungwon, "The Crowing of Hens: Buddhist Paintings Sponsored by Court Women of the Early Chosŏn Dynasty (1392–1592)" (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Chu, Yangming, "Gentrification of Women in Early Tang Paintings" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Cura, Bernice, "Chinese Bannerman Painters in Beijing, ca. 1700–1770" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Do, Yoohang, "The Painting of Gao Fenghan (1683–1749)" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Greenwood, Kevin, "Yonghegong: Art, Religion, and Politics in Beijing's 'Lama Temple'" (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Hong, Jeehee, "Death, Children, and Society in Performance Images of Medieval China" (Chicago, H. Wu)

Hu, Philip, "Mi Qanzhong (1570–ca. 1628): An Artist and Patron in Late Ming China" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Huang, Yun-Ju Michelle, "Dunhuang Cave #446: The Embodiment of Hua-yen Buddhism" (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Murray)

Hung, Ling-Yu, "Ceramic Craft Specialization and the Development of Social Hierarchy in Late Neolithic Northwestern China (ca. 5300–4050 BP)" (Washington University, G. Bennett)

Hwang, Karen, "Visual Politics in Dunhuang during the Guiyijun Period, 851–1002" (Harvard, E. Wang)

Kee, Joan, "Points, Lives, Encounters: The Paintings of Lee Ufan and Park Scubo" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay, R. Storr)

Kelley, Sonja, "Printmaking in Sichuan after 1949: Regionalism and the Formation of a New National Art in China" (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Kwok, Zoe, "Five Dynasties-Early Song Figure Painting" (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Larrivé-Bass, Sandrine, "Cross-Materiality in Environmental and Ritual Contexts: Bronze Surrogates in Late Bronze Age China, 1045–221 BCE" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Lim, Michelle, "Navigating Floating Worlds: Curatorial Strategies in Chinese Contemporary Art, 1979–2009" (Princeton, J. Silbergeld)

Liu, Bo, "When Paintings Speak for the Owners: Political Expressions in Song Dynasty Fan Paintings" (Michigan, M. Powers)

Liu, David, "The Prehistory of the Middle and Lower Changjiang Region" (Princeton, R. Bagley)

Lo, Hui-Chi, "From Prince to Emperor: Yinzhen's (1678–1735) Political Deployment of Art in Early Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) China" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Loring, Kristen, "Region and Artistic Strategy: Hua Yan's (1682–1756) Bird-and-Flower Paintings" (UCLA, H. S. Lee)

Lullo, Sheri, "Beautification of the Dead in Han Period (206 BCE–220 CE) China: Lian Toiletry Cases and Their Contents" (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)

Mao, Yiling, "Women's Painting in 17th-Century China: Persona, Performance, and the Construction of Female Aesthetics" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Martin, Hui Wang, "Guangsheng Monastery: The Study of Its Art and Architecture from a Ming Perspective" (Kansas, M. Haufler)

Matteini, Michele, "Painting in the Age of Evidential Scholarship (kaozheng): Luo Ping's Late Years (ca. 1770–1799)" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Mei, Yun-Chiu, "Mapping and Mass Production of Stelae in the Eighteenth-Century Cult of Monuments in Qing China, 1644–1911" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Orell, Julia, "Picturing the Yangzi River—Particular Landscapes in Song China" (Chicago, H. Wu)

Pakhoutova, Elena, "Reproducing the Sacred Places: The Eight Great Events of the Buddha's Life and Their Commemorative Stūpas in the Medieval Art of Tibet" (Virginia, D. Wong)

Park, Jae-Suk, "The Rustic Image and Cult of Su Shi: 'Su Shi Wearing Bamboo Hat and Clogs'" (Wisconsin, Madison, J. Murray)

Qian, Zhijian, "Modernism Re-oriented in a Chinese Context: Painting of Modernist Artists in Wartime Chongqing, 1937–1945" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Rasmussen, Kenneth, "Wang Shen (born ca. 1048) and Landscape Painting among the Elite in Northern Song China, 1069–1120" (Yale, R. Barnhart)

Sigur, Hannah, "Mukei and the Modern Art-Craft Movement in 1920s Japan" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Takamatsu, Mari, "Painting, Theater, and Visual Experience in Early Modern Japan (1596–1644)" (IFA/NYU, J. Hay)

Townsend, Cynthia, "A Contextual Study of Chinese Burial Figurines: Eastern Zhou through Northern and Southern Dynasties" (Chicago, H. Wu)

Tsultem, Uranchimeg, "Ikh Khuree: Nomadic City of the Mongols" (UC Berkeley, P. Berger)

Tunstall, Alexandra, "Woven Paintings: Tapestries in the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) Dynasties" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Wallace, Leslie, "Chasing the Beyond: Depictions of Hunting in Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 CE) Tomb Reliefs from Shaanxi and Shanxi" (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)

Wang, Michelle, "From Dharani to Mandala: A Study of Mogao Cave 14 and Esoteric Buddhist Art of the Tang Dynasty (618–907)" (Harvard, E. Wang)

Wang, Peggy, "Responding to the World: Contemporary Chinese Art and the Global Culture in the 1990s" (Chicago, H. Wu)

Wang, Selena Shen, "Wang Yuanqi and Orthodox Self-Reflection in Early Qing China" (Pennsylvania, N. Steinhardt)

Whiteman, Stephen, "Creating the Kangxi Landscape: Gardens and the Mediation of Qing Imperial Identity at Bishu shanzhuang" (Stanford, R. Vinograd)

Wong, Winnie, "After the Copy: China, Dafen Village, and the Hand-Painted Art Product (1979–)" (MIT, C. Jones)

Wu, Mandy Jui-Man, "Art and Self-Identification by Elite Foreigners in China during the Northern Zhou Period (557–581 CE)" (Pittsburgh, K. Linduff)

Xue, Lei, "Eulogy on Burying a Crane (Yiheming) and Mortuary Inscriptions in Medieval China" (Columbia, R. Harrist)

Ya-Hwei, Hsu, "Redefining Chinese Culture: Collecting, Studying, and Appropriating Ancient Bronzes in the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1279)" (Yale, D. Sensabaugh)

Zhang, Shaoqian, "Visualized Nationalist Politics: Negotiation and Construction of the Chinese Citizen in the Republican Period (1912–49)" (Northwestern, S. E. Fraser)

Zhou, Xiuqin, "Zhaoling: The Mausoleum of Emperor Tang Taizong" (Pennsylvania, N. Steinhardt)